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Urban Decay ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Eye shadow Palettes Review!

Hello again, my beautiful people! Oh, I am so excited to write this review for you guys! Not only because I have nothing but good things to say about these products, but also because I have watched the film! And, it was absolutely amazing! It is definitely one to go watch. James Franco – absolute heartthrob!*swoons* I’m sure many of you feel the same way! Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz, were the perfect actors to play each part. And it has to be said; Urban Decay definitely got the looks of Mila Kunis’s and Michelle Williams makeup spot on for their eye shadow palettes. Although, I’m not a big fan of Mila Kunis, I must admit her makeup looked beautiful and I can see why anyone would want to re create her look.

So, first of all let’s get the basics out the way.. Here’s some background on the palettes if you don’t already know...

Urban Decay (UD) is known for the quality of their shadows and staying power of their primers, so they certainly did not disappoint with the launch of these two eye shadow palettes. The palettes are inspired by Theodora (the Wicked Witch) played by Mila Kunis and Glinda the Good played by Michelle Williams in the film.

The Theodora palette carries the dark, dramatic and bold shades, perfect for those smoky eyes whereas the Glinda palette is more on the softer side, with angelic and ethereal shades. Both palettes come with the ‘Super Saturated High Gloss’ Lip colour pencils and UD’s ‘24/7 Glide-on ‘eyeliner pencils. Each palette has 6 shades. What makes these palettes, so different than any other that UD has brought out before, is the clever little added in ‘recycle, reuse’ (is what I would call it) innovation. You can actually, twist out the shades and the fact that it’s a compact tin, allows you to reuse it for other shadow pans you might to put in.

Theodora’s shades  – Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell, Jealous. Lip Pencil in Theodora, 24/7 Glide - On Pencil in Black
Left to Right, Top Row: 'Broken', 'Beware', 'Bewitch'
Left to Right, Bottom Row: 'West', 'Spell', 'Jealous'

Glinda’s shades – Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz & South. Lip Pencil in Glinda, 24/7 Glide – On Pencil in Purple
Left to Right, Top Row: 'Tornado', 'Aura', 'Magic'
Left to Right, Bottom Row: 'Illusion', 'Oz', 'South'

My thoughts on the palettes –

Packaging – I am an absolute sucker for packaging. You can most definitely put in the category of those people who will just buy things because they are aesthetically pleasing. HOWEVER – not only are these eye catching; I love the colours – you can tell the thought that has gone into producing these palettes are a representation of the characters themselves, but the compact size, and the options to reuse the tin again is something new and different.


Price and what you get for your money – These palettes are priced at £35.00 (English pounds) each. Hey, I know that is quite...well, very expensive for just ONE palette. But bear in mind – you do get 6 colours which are all newly released and are not in any other palettes created by UD ever before, you get a lip colour – which like the eye shadows is just as good quality AND is full size plus a eye pencil.. which isn’t. You’ve practically got all your makeup sorted for an evening out – all you need to do is add the foundation and cheek colour. When you think of it like that you are getting your money’s worth. And to be fair, the quality of these products/ packaging justifies the price itself anyway.

Eye shadows – O. M. G. – I have only word – PIGMENTED. All these shadows have amazing, amazing colour pay off and the colours, (as mentioned above) are all brand new shades. You swipe a finger into the pan, and you will get so much colour payoff  – just by swiping! Imagine how pigmented the colour will be when applied wet for a more metallic finish, or just with a primer underneath! You’ll have people mesmerized by your eyes wearing any of these colours.


Glinda Shadows - Most of the colours in this one are very iridescent, and glittery. My favourite in this palette has to the chronographic one with a lavender sheen – Aura. Aura is split into two parts the left side which looks more blue-ish, and the right looks more pinkish. If you aren’t a fan of full on glittery, glimmer – looking shadows on your eyes then I would recommend the Theodora palette which has more toned down shades with less shimmer/glimmer.


Theodora Shadows – All you, who love a Smokey eye – go and grab! It has the three most beautiful chocolaty brown shades for a warm brown smoky eye, that would work on any skin tone, it’s unreal. If you want a Smokey eye with a pop of colour, don’t worry you’ve got the shade ‘Jealous’ to do the job for you!


Lip colours – Both are highly pigmented, glossy, and the added plus? They don’t feel sticky on the lips! I cannot stand the ‘hair sticking to the lips’ glosses at all, so you can be reassured you won’t get that with these. You’ve got your red for the evening (Theodora), and your nude for the day (Glinda). Sorted.

Eye Liners – Wearable and long lasting. Nothing more need be said.

GET THE LOOK – UD have been kind enough to package the ‘Get the Look’ card charts, for you to recreate the look yourself, with easy and quick instructions to follow. Always helpful!
Overall? – If there is one thing I can say about these palettes is – TOP NOTCH QUALITY. Well, that’s three, but you get my drift. All the products in these palettes are about the quality and that’s pretty evident from the packaging to the product themselves. The price? .. is the price of quality.

Urban Decay products are available in the UK at Debenhams stores, House of Fraser and online at

Once again, I hope you’ve enjoyed my review on the UD’s latest products. If you have any suggestions, requests, comments or thoughts, please leave them down below. I will reply as soon as!

Much Love                                                                                                                                                      


DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased by me and pictures are taken by myself only, unless stated otherwise.

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