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Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Haul/Review

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Today's post is on some eye shadow pans I purchased online a month or two ago. I wanted to review some of the Makeup Geek eye shadows as this line was much anticipated by all of Marlena's subscribers on YouTube. If you don't know already, Marlena has a channel on YouTube called Makeup Geek TV. She is one of the most well-known American You Tubers out there who's videos have got thousands of hits. The line Makeup Geek cosmetics initially started off with the eye shadows pans but has expanded with brushes, palettes, lipsticks and even eye pigments.

To be honest, I first I didn't pay any attention to her makeup line at all, because a lot of You tubers now a days are bringing out this makeup line and this brush line;  so I am guilty - I did just kind of dismiss it. Then one day, I came by one of Marlena's video which showed her eye shadows as dupes for MAC shadows! [I WILL LINK THE VIDEO DOWN BELOW CHECK IT OUT] (If you know me, you know how much crazy in love I am with MAC - especially the eyeshadows) - I thought, heyyy let me check this out, of course making a claim that your eye shadows are just as good as MAC's if not better, is a huge claim to make, who isn't going to want to check It out and see if it really lives up to the claim?! That's what initially drew me to the Makeup Geek line, not only that Jaclyn Hill from JacylnHill1 another You Tuber was also raving about her shadows.

I have to admit, these shadows ARE just as good as MAC if not BETTER! They are affordable, come in a wide range of colours and finishes and are definitely worth the price. I was so glad when I checked the website that they ship INTERNATIONALLY! So anyone of you can purchase these products. That sold me, and what's even better is that - I thought the postage would take forever, it didn't - they arrived around 2 weeks from when I ordered  which was a lot quicker than I had even imagined. I was so pleased! All the items were wrapped up carefully and lots of safety packaging to make sure the shadows or other items did not get damaged in the process of arrival.


The shadows I ordered were, Cosmopolitan, Mermaid, Cocoa Bear, Cinderella, Homecoming and Mango Tango. - I love all of them. They are all quite shimmery, apart from Cocoa Bear which is a deep chocolate brown colour that is matte and can be used for blending. I also purchased a flat eye shadow brush and a pigment in Vegas Lights which is a dark copper bronze shade. I chose to buy the pan eye shadows but you can also buy them as individually packaged ones as well if you want.

Makeup Geek's website describes these shadows as:

Cosmopolitan - 'Rose gold with gold flecks and a shimmery finish'

Mermaid - 'Metallic teal with reflects gold'

Cocoa Bear - 'Matte reddish brown'

Cinderella - 'Pale shimmery pink'

Homecoming - 'Medium brown with gold shimmer'

Mango Tango - 'Peachy Pink with shimmer'

All of the shadows are so extremely pigmented, as you can tell from the swatches, I made only swatch in the shadow and swiped it on the back of my hand. This is without any primer, so imagine the pay off with a primer - it would be insane. The colours are true to the pan and are not one dimensional. Mermaid, and Cosmopolitan have an iridescence to them, with hits of rose gold, and goldish shimmer to them. Cinderella and Homecoming are also shimmery but have the same colour shine through them. I could rave about these eye shadows forever, I am so glad I purchased these & I will definitely be on the hunt for more shades. These shadows are great for beginners or even pro makeup artists for their kits. They are great dupes for higher end shadows like MAC (link below). I honestly believe they are worth every investment and are guaranteed to last you a very long time.

TOP ROW - LEFT TO RIGHT: 'Homecoming', 'Cocoa Bear', 'Mango Tango',
BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT:  'Cosmopolitan', 'Mermaid' & 'Cinderella'

'Cosmopolitan' - in the pan with lighting, and swatched on the hand

'Homecoming' in the pan and then swatched on the hand 

'Mango Tango' in the pan and then swatched

'Mermaid' in the pan and then swatched 

'Cocoa Bear' in the pan and then swatched 

'Cinderella' in the pan and then swatched




PRICE - Cheap, Affordable but HIGH QUALITY.

For those of you who live In the UK when I converted the price from dollars to pounds each eye shadow pan worked out around £3.70 each, compared to MAC's £12-£14.50 per shadow! That's crazy! Why pay triple the price for a product of the same quality that you can get else where. The postal charge depends on where you live, but again I thought it would be really expensive its not, it works out around £4.31, which is pretty reasonable as they come by First Class Priority US Mail.


The packaging design of these shadows is so cute. On each shadow there is a warm personal message by Marlena herself, which I think is very nice touch to have - makes it that extra bit special. The overall design on the packaging - is its simple, but effective - its quite a quirky design. I personally think that the packaging on these items isn't what its about, the product is so amazing itself, that the packaging doesn't really come into it.


Pros -
  • Super pigmented
  • Top Notch Quality - better colour pay off than some MAC shadows
  • Affordable - Such great quality and such low prices - you cant go wrong
  • A lot of product for your money - long lasting

Cons -
  • You might have to wait a little for your amazing products to arrive!
Out of 10? 10/10 - Takes a lot for any product to get a 10 out of 10 rating. If you saw my previous post, rating on those products was a 7/8 of out 10 (higher end product) - I think that says it all. I would highly recommend them.

Check out Marlena's video 'MAC vs. Makeup Geek Eye shadow SMACKDOWN', for dupes and more about her makeup line 

You can purchase Makeup Geek cosmetics from -

From more information on any products check out Marlena's channel and her website. (links as same as above)

DISCLAIMER: All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise. I own all the rights to these photos. All products reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money. Any comments or opinions made here are my own, none of which are influenced or affiliated with any other persons or companies.

As always hope you have enjoyed this post on a new product which you can get hold of which is not readily available in the UK. Definitely worth purchasing at such a low price. If you have any comments, suggestions, requests or ideas please leave them down below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Rihanna Fall Collection for MAC 2013


Hi my lovelies, hope you are all doing well. I have most definitely been away for way too long. Too long for me to not even begin to make any excuses. I'm definitely lacking with my posts and I can only assure you now that this special little post will certainly make up for it!
Today its all about the RiRi for Mac Fall Collection which hit stores and online on the 3rd October 2013. I know it's a bit late getting this post up, however this much anticipated collection deserves recognition and will give those who maybe wanted to purchase a few things but didn't get a chance to, or those who just want to read a good review on the collection! Either way, I hope this post provides you with the information that you are looking for. So, lets begin and hope you enjoy!

First off, I have always been a huge fan of Rihanna, since her early days of 'Umbrella' to her 'shining bright like a DIAMOND', I had to without doubt get my hands on anything and everything I could from her collection. Not only that, unfortunately for me I didn't manage to get any of her summer collection because it was only available online AND it had all sold out within minutes of it going live. So, I was more than chuffed when I walked past Selfridges and saw the glistening rose gold packaging, enticing me to buy, buy, buy and I happily went over with 'Ill have this, and this and this and this, thanks - before the start of my Saturday shift.

I ended up purchasing the powder duo Hibiscus Kiss, 'Riri Woo Lipstick', 'Nude Lipstick', and the powder blush in 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. I was absolutely gutted when the one thing I wanted the most, the lipstick shade in 'Talk That Talk' had sold out. If anything I would have rather traded in all my other items for that one lipstick - that's how badly I wanted it. But it wasn't meant to be. I did pick up the lipliner in 'Talk That Talk' however it was a faulty item, which had to be returned. The other items which I did want but had also sold out was the Cream Colour Base in 'Diamonds' and the two makeup brushes, just for the sake of the packaging. The remaining items in the collection I chose not to purchase, the eye shadow palettes, the other lip liner, 'Riri Woo' which to me was like any other lip liner you could get from MAC, hence I didn't feel the need to buy it, and  the mascara .  I also chose not to purchase the eye shadow palettes in 'Her Cocoa' and 'Smoked Cocoa' because I had very similar shades already in my makeup collection from previously.The other items in the collection consisted of products from the permanent line which had been re-packaged for the Riri collection. These were the Extended Play Giga Black mascara, Liquidlast Eyeliner and the brow pencils, again to me it was unnecessary to purchase. To be honest, I think she could have done more to bring out new products rather than ones from the permanent line which were re-packaged.


Lipsticks -

I picked the colours 'Riri Woo' and 'Nude', both which are retro matte finishes. The colours of both these lipsticks are unique, eye catching and definitely long lasting. As commonly compared, Riri Woo is an almost exact dupe for MAC's Ruby Woo, expect Riri Woo is a little brighter and has a deeper undertone than Ruby W. It would make sense that if you missed out on Riri Woo then purchase Ruby W as it is what is used on Rihanna by her makeup artist. I would recommend using a lip liner with these lipsticks, not only because of the matte finish which inevitably does make it quite drying on the lips (hence the lip liner works as the base) but also because you need to have a sharp crisp line to accentuate the fullness in the lips and really show off that colour of the lipstick.
Now, 'Nude' is a colour that would work for some and not for others. I would describe this as very deep mocha brown with a cool undertone, a colour; which might have the tendency to make you look older than your years. I find with this colour, its better to layer a peachy, pink nude lip gloss over the top to update it. For the rest of the makeup, its better to keep it simple, just because it is a statement shade even though it is a neutral nude. Pair with feline flicked eyes, contoured cheeks and bold brows for a modern autumn/winter look. Both lipsticks come indented with the signature 'Riri <3' - I just love how this adds a very personal feel to the item and also gives it that premium edge which should come when you buy ANY limited edition products. You want to it feel like its worthwhile spending that little bit more for an exclusive product when it has special touches like this collection does.
Some shots of the packaging - and the hot pink Riri <3 signature. As you can see its a reflective rose gold colour packaging
 'NUDE' shade - Retro Matte Finish  
'RIRI WOO' - Retro Matte finish

Powder Duo - 'Hibiscus Kiss'

This product came out in the summer collection in the standard black MAC packaging, so I was glad to see they had brought it back for Rihanna's autumn winter collection. Just like the lipsticks the powder is indented with her 'Riri <3' signature. It contains more of the bronzer than it does the blusher, so I would say it works better as bronzing product, however if you want to use it as mixed blusher, you'd get lovely bronzy peach cheeks. I feel like the bronzer is a little light for my skin tone and think it would work great on lighter skin tones that struggle on finding bronzers because it makes them look too orange. This bronzer has the perfect warm and neutrality in it to work as a contour and a bronzer for lighter skin tones. If you have olive to deeper skin tones, there's nothing to say that you cant use it as well. Instead it can be used as an all over bronzer just to give a warmth to the face or as lighter contour during the day.

Blush - 'Bad Girl Gone Good'
I love this blush! It is gorgeous peachy brown shade that would work great on very pale to deep olive skin tones! Again in the beautiful rose gold packaging and has the clear top so you can see the colour. The finish on this is a satin - so it has just a slight sheen when you apply it, giving a perfect amount of glow on the cheeks. This would look great as a contour shade on very pale skins and on medium/olive as an every day blush. I personally think on deeper skin tones it would look a little chalky but if you like it maybe use it as a highlighter, to get a glowing effect from the subtle shimmer in the blush.


Overall -

Positives -

  • Loved the packaging - has a unique style which adds to the limited edition touch
  • Nice colour range - for the lipsticks
  • Good quality - finish, feel, colour pay off and longevity of the products is long lasting
Negatives -
  • Limited Edition only small amount made - once they're gone, they're gone!
  • Could have brought out more shades in the blush and in the Powder Duo for deeper skins
  • More brand new products could have been brought out - instead of items from the permanent line which were just repackaged again
Out of 10? - 7/8-10 - What makes this range sell is that its got Rihanna all over it - Packaging is beautiful and has that unique selling point - but apart from that there's nothing totally amazing about it. I loved all the things I got, but there was a lot I didn't get. a) I didn't think there was much point to get products which were already on the permanent line and b) the good stuff had already sold out - Lipstick in Talk that Talk and Cream Colour Base in 'Diamonds'

DISCLAIMER: All camera pictures were taken by me and I have the rights to all the camera photos in this post. The image of Rihanna is from the promo/campaign shots by MAC Cosmetics and the pictures of the products which I didn't purchase but wanted to show that were part of the collection were taken from Google images. All items reviewed in this post were brought with my own money. Before writing this post I had previously watched other reviews on the collection before it was launched & before I myself purchased any items. All comments and opinions given are my own, however I do agree and draw upon on other common comments made from other reviews as well.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. I know it has taken me a VERY long time to get this up and its probably way too late - but I wanted to get it up any how. Thank you for taking the time out to stop by and read my posts and I hope you do still pop by to read more in the future. If you have any comments, suggestions, requests or ideas please leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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