Thursday, 28 February 2013

MAC & Urban Decay Haul

Hi my lovelies! I’ve been a bit late with my next post, but here it is nonetheless! Today, I’m comin’ atcha with my first haul...and one predictably is of course going to be MAC. I also picked up two new Urban Decay limited edition eye shadow palettes, which I will most likely do another in depth review on. They are both absolutely gorgeous, can’t wait to see what you guys will think of them. I hope you like this haul; please let me know what you think of these haul/review type things!

So, anyways, I think payday should just never arrive for me because all I get paid just goes on was the case today.

If you didn’t know already from my last post, I am a MAC fanatic. I just adore their products. They are fantastic quality and a few essentials are definitely worth investing in. I walked in today, to pick up one lipstick that I actually saw my best friend wearing this morning and it looked absolutely stunning on her, so I thought I’d try it. Just the one lipstick. What happens? I walk out with 3 lipsticks, a blush and a highlighter. The highlighter, to be fair, I did want for a while so I thought I would pick it up today. The blush? I didn’t REALLY need it, I just got it. Some of you might think that’s a waste of money, but like I say I just love MAC and I felt like a slight change from my original blush colour so I picked up another. So here’s the list of all the products.

 Lipsticks: ‘Please Me’, ‘Shanghai Spice’ (this is the one I saw on my friend – special mention going out for her lol ) & ‘Twig’, Blush: ‘Desert Rose’ & Highlighter: Mineralize SkinFinsh in ‘Soft and Gentle’.

All the lipsticks are quite muted, natural everyday shades. Well, as ‘natural’ as lipstick shades get. I have many bright coloured lipsticks, so these will do me fine on the ‘natural’ front for the time being.
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 'Please Me', 'Shanghai Spice' & 'Twig'

‘Please me’ is a matte finish, and is a really pretty rose tinted baby pink shade which has a pigmented colour.
'Please Me'

‘Shanghai Spice’ is a crème sheen finish and this is more on the nude side. It is more a nude with a orangey undertone and very discreet gold shimmer all the way through. Can’t wait to wear this shade. 
'Shanghai Spice'
‘Twig’ is a satin finish and a browny pink, very similar to ‘Brave’ which I already have. This has a sheerer finish than the other two, so you can apply it more heavy handed to achieve a deeper colour. Also, it’s not one of the most popular shades out there and hardly anyone mentions it in the fashion/beauty world. But I swatched this in store and it really is a gorgeous colour. The colour would work beautifully for deeper, tanned skinned tones because it looks like a rosy nude pink, if you wanted to go for a ‘your lips but better colour’.

The Blush ‘Desert Rose’ is a matte finish and again highly pigmented, a little will go along way with this. I wouldn’t say it was a buildable colour, a light wash of this and you have the perfect rosy cheeks for a flushed and healthy look.
'Desert Rose'

And finally, for this excessively detailed MAC haul, a highlighter that pretty much everyone had raved about. It is the ‘Mineralize SkinFinsh in ‘Soft and Gentle’. Again, not a lot is needed with this product, just across the top of the cheek bones, above the brow and down the nose. It has a pinky, champagne colour with a hell-uva lot of shimmer!  This is the perfect product to give you that Kim Kardashian –esque glow!
Mineralise SkinFinish 'Soft and Gentle'

Urban Decay – I picked up the two new palettes which were released in respect of the new and upcoming movie ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ which is out on Friday 8th March. I really am so excited for this movie, looks fantastic.

I am just going to add some pictures to show you what they look like and will post a more indepth review of this in the next blog post, so stay tuned!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s post...leave any comments, questions, queries below.

Much Love,
DISCLAIMER: All pictures are taken by myself, unless stated otherwise.


  1. you've got some gorgeous new make up to play with, would love to see reviews :)
    laura x

    1. Aww Thank you! watch this space, the next post is the review im currently writing! hope you like it. & thanks again for your feedback xx

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