Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lipstick Crazy Love

I have a crazy obsession with lipsticks I just can’t seem to get enough or in fact as many of them! It seems every time I’m in Selfridges walking past the MAC counter I get lured in by all the colourful creamy lipsticks in all finishes... added to my obsession is the fact that every time one of my favourite make up gurus on YouTube mentions a lipstick they like I have this tendency to run and purchase it asap, hence why I am always trying out new stuff, and the core reason to why I have started a!

Anyways, I knew the MAC ‘Strength’ collection was going to come out very soon. I had seen so many posts by American makeup artists on the collection and there was one in particular that stood out to me the most. ‘Party Parrot’ with the ‘Embrace Me’ Lip liner. My need to get hold of all the products was so great, that I would call the MAC store to make sure I had first pick! Obsessive, Compulsive.. I know right! When it finally did come out, I ended up getting all of them apart from two, (‘Strong Women’ and ‘Firm Foam’ – they were a bit too ‘loud’ for me!) Also, I absolutely loved the campaign photo for this collection, for me it was by far the best embodiment of a collection done by MAC previous to this. I think it really captured the essence and beauty of ‘Strength’ in the colour shades that they brought out.

LEFT TO RIGHT: 'Pink Pigeon', 'Party Parrot', 'Absolute Power'
I purchased ‘Party Parrot’, ‘Absolute Power’ and ‘Pink Pigeon’, along with the ‘Embrace Me’ Lip line. All the finishes for these lipsticks are matte, VERY, matte, so if you suffer from dry lips I would definitely recommend using lip primer to condition and hydrate the lips before you apply the lipstick. If you don’t have a lip primer, a lip balm works just as well, just remember to blot off any residue and excess before applying. These lipsticks have an amazing lasting power; they stay on for a good few hours. I wore ‘Party Parrot’ to work a couple of weeks ago, not only did I get lovely comments on my lipstick but I found that the vibrancy and finish lasted me the day without drying out my lips too much.  Another thing, whenever you are using a matte lipstick, PLEASE, use a lip liner. Not only will this help with your lasting power, but it will give you a PERFECT outline and shape for your lips, doing so much justice to the lipstick itself.

'Pink Pigeon'
 'Party Parrot'
'Absolute Power'
(Sorry its not the right way round - couldn't seem to rotate it!)
I am so glad I got hold of these lipsticks when I did, otherwise I would have highly regretted it. However, I did purchase these a while back now, so whether they are still available I am not sure. I know that pretty much everything is sold out online. One known thing about new collections from MAC is that they do tend to sell out extremely quickly, especially when there are limited edition lipstick colours and eye shadows. On the other hand, the great thing is, that MAC will probably already have a colour almost, or as similar to the shade anyway. To make y’all life easier, I have found some dupes for these lipsticks, which you can find in the permanent collection line.

‘Party Parrot’ AND ‘Pink Pigeon’ are almost very similar in shade – DUPE: MAC’s 'Impassioned' which has an Amplified finish – so not as matte as the other two
‘Absolute Power’ – DUPE: MAC’s 'Diva' – this has the same matte finish as Absolute Power, but Diva is slightly darker in tone than A.P, which has more reddish undertones.

Here are the colour swatches and what the lipsticks look like:

LEFT TO RIGHT: 'Pink Pigeon', 'Party Parrot', 'Absolute Power' & 'Embrace Me' Lip Liner. 
(More Light)

TOP TO BOTTOM: 'Pink Pigeon', 'Party Parrot', 'Absolute Power', & 'Embrace Me' Lip Liner
(Lesser Light)
I really could not wait to get this post up for you guys and share my lipstick love, I hope you have enjoyed reading this and it has given you can idea about shades and colours. If you have any questions please leave below. Thank you & Much Love, B xxx

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