Monday, 12 August 2013

Lip Therapy - Lush 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub and Carmex Lip Balm Combo

Hi lovelies! Hope you are doing well! Today I would like to share a little trick and tip of my mine that I discovered by coincidence the other day.

I had picked up the Lush Lip Scrub in the 'Popcorn' flavour a couple of weeks ago but never really had a chance to properly use it and almost savour the It was actually recommended to me by my best friend - who has the 'Bubble gum' flavour. These scrubs come in three different flavours, - popcorn, bubble gum and mint, all of which are priced at £5.25. I do think they are slightly pricy for lip scrubs but Lush generally have a high selling price because of the fresh ingredients they use. All of Lush's products are cruelty free, most of their products are also vegan and vegetarian approved and they are one of the big brands fighting against animal testing! I would definitely recommend trying out their products, they really do work, and they have a wide range of choices for all different skin types and skin problems.

I started using it to see if it would remove the lip stain colour from my Revlon balm stain (review of this in previous post!) - and it worked a treat! Not only did it completely remove the whole colour from my lips, but I also noticed that my lips felt so much smoother, looked and felt more plumper, and surprisingly seemed to removed some pigmentation/discolouration that I had on my lips too! I am by no means an expert on skin benefits but from just from going off the ingredients in this scrub; the coconut oil, which is very moisturising for the skin and lips, and the exfoliating properties of the rough could potentially aid in the removal of discoloured lips! Because it is such a coarse texture I wouldn't recommend using it every single day, but perhaps once a week as a treatment if you wanted to remove some discolouration, or just whenever you have dried chapped lips to remove the dead skin.


Simply take a small amount on your finger, apply to the lips in circular motions as if you were applying lip balm, and gently scrub the lips and then if you want to eat it go ahead (the instructions on the back actually say you can lick it off and eat it lol!) but I just removed it with water and patted the lips dry on a towel. After I had washed off the scrub, my lips felt very smooth, but quite tight so I went and grabbed my Carmex, which really helped to relieve and moisture the lips, making them extra soft and feeling luxurious!


Pros of Lush Lip Scrub:
*Leave your lips feeling so smooth
*Lovely smell and taste
*Small and compact size - good for travel
*Removes any stains from lipsticks completely
*Ingredient Properties - MAY with time aid in removing discolouration of the lips

Cons of Lush Lip Scrub:
*High selling price just for a scrub

Rating out of 10 - 9/10

You can purchase Lush products from any stand alone Lush store in the UK or from their website -

DISCLAIMER: All products are purchased with my own money. All opinions and comments are my own, none of which are being affiliated with any person or companies. Prices are correct from the time of purchase.

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