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NAKED 3 by Urban Decay!

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If you are makeup obsessed fanatic like myself, then you would have heard the much anticipated news that Urban Decay were going to be launching their third eye shadow palette of the Naked line. The news was released at the end of November with official pictures being posted by Urban Decay all over social networking. I myself saw pictures of it on a blog (think it was a French blog - not too sure of the name either)  and on their Instagram page. Obviously, being an American brand the Naked 3 palette launched first in America at the beginning of December on Urban Decay's website and sole out with hours! It was released in Sephora and all other major department stores not long after. In the UK the official release date for the NAKED 3 was on the 20th December, however they released it a week early! I had my eye on it, watching social networking and the major department stores, Debenhams and House of Frasers's website to see if anything had been launched, nothing had, again thanks to social networking I saw that it had been released and I went into Debenhams and purchased it ASAP.

Differences to the NAKED & NAKED 2 palettes

Like all the other two naked palettes, the NAKED 3 consists of 12 shadows. It has similar packaging (also comes with a brush) like the Naked 2. However, what makes this palette different from the other two is that every single shade in the NAKED 3 is a exclusive, brand new colour which has never been in any other palette before. The colours are blush tone pinks and purples whereas the other two have been bronzy tones for NAKED and taupe shades for NAKED 2.

Packaging & Price
Again, like the other two palettes, the packaging of the NAKED 3 makes it a great product for travelling. It comes with a double -ended brush, so you don't need to carry extra brushes if you are
It is compact, sleek and light weight - so doesn't take up a lot of room if you wanted to take it in your handbag for instance. The packaging is a rose-gold colour, that has slight perforations on the front, with NAKED 3 across the top. I love the style of this palette, it looks very expensive and is easy to carry for travelling purposes. It has a full length mirror on it as, makes it easier to apply your makeup on public transport if needs persists!
NAKED 3 is priced at £37.00 - the same price as the other two palettes.

What does it contain?
As mentioned, it comes with a dual ended brush and also 4 sachets of Urban Decays best selling primers. I say sachets because when I heard that they would 4 eye shadows primers with the palette I presumed they would be in the primer potion bottle like in NAKED or in a tube form as in NAKED 2. But its not, the eye shadow primers are more like samples to try then a bottle/tube that you will get a few uses out of. On the less, the eye primers are Urban Decays best sellers; Orignial - dries invisibly, Eden - 'has a subtle nude matte finish that covers and brightens the eye area in seconds', Sin - 'goes the distance in a shimmering champagne shade' and Anti-Ageing - 'measurably improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 8 weeks'.
12 brand new shades - Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Dark Side & Blackheart. The palette contains a mixture of finishes - shimmery, satin and two matte shades which are limit and Nooner - great for blending out in and around the crease. The palette shades are described as being 'rose -hued neutrals'. This is definitely true as the colours range from light shimmering pinks, rose gold pinks, mauves and deeper purples. You can create a romantic soft look as well a sultry smoky eye with the deeper shades in the palette. The shade in the palette instantly reminded me of 'Beauty - marked' by MAC. I would describe it on appearance as a dark purple with hits of red glitter through it. However, UD has stated it to be a 'black matte with red micro-glitter'.
Strange - lovely under the brow highlight - no shimmer, almost matte
Dust - contains A LOT of shimmer in it - quite chunky glitter, base shade is  light pink
Burnout, - satin light rosy pink
Limit - matte very light brown
Buzz - MY FAVOURITE - shimmery darker rose pink
Trick - satin rose gold 
Nooner - matte medium taupe brown
Liar - satin taupe
Factory - satin with slight shimmer - dark brown
Mug shot - satin dark silvery grey
Blackheart - matte black with red micro glitter

Overall - Do I really need it?

In my personal opinion, having tested the colours and created a few looks - I can say that this is definitely a purchase worth making. Even if you already own the other two, NAKED 3 has a completely different tone range compared to the previous ones. I do feel that NAKED & N2 were very similar both in shades and finishes. If you purchased NAKED I wouldn't feel it would be necessary to get N2 aswell - but I would recommend getting the NAKED 3.

The colours are beautifully pigmented, long lasting and you get the same amount of product compared to a standard eye shadow. There are a variety of shades which work together seamlessly to create subtle to sultry looks for day through to night. I would say that this is one of them palettes which will last you along time. If you are a makeup artist its definitely worth while to have in your kit for soft bridal looks.
If you are a makeup fanatic, you won't really need my convincing to purchase it...probably by the end of the post you will have already ordered it!  
Overall rating - 9/10
You can purchase the NAKED 3 in the UK in store and online at Debenhams and online only at House of Fraser.

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